Campus Vital

Correct and safe training at CampusVital

During the current corona pandemic, the following special rules apply for on‐site courses and training in the sports studio:

  • Please only train when you feel healthy
  • Changing rooms and showers are still partially closed. If possible, please come in sports clothing and wear separate sneakers to enter the training rooms
  • Please bring your own large towel for training
  • Wearing a mask is voluntary, but keeping a distance from other people is mandatory
  • Please wash your hands regularly and very carefully and make sure that you only cough or sneeze in the crook of your arm
  • Online booking is required to participate in courses
  • Training in the sports studio can be done without booking. However, a maximum of four people may train in the studio at the same time
  • Sweat‐inducing, high‐intensity training or circuit training may not be carried out at the moment
  • Please ventilate the rooms regularly and extensively
  • Please clean used equipment and mats thoroughly after exercising