Campus Vital

Do I have a healthy back?

2022-03-09 | 15 March is International Back Health Day. CampusVital is participating with a campaign for campus employees.

CampusVital offers an individual spinal screening as part of the company health management. There are 20-minute individual appointments between 9 am and 5 pm. The offer is free of charge for Campus employees.

The profile of the spine in the upright position, its mobility and its stabilization ability (postural skills) are measured. During this measurement a sensor scrolls down the spine in different body positions. In this way the relief of the spine is scanned and evaluated. For optimal results, the measurement should be performed without textiles. It is radiation-free and harmless.

Location: House D79, 1st floor left, room 228. The 2G rule applies. The wearing of a mouth-nose cover during our presentation is obligatory.

Please register for the individual appointments at:
The offer is free of charge for campus employees. If you are unable to attend a booked appointment, please cancel the appointment online. Only then can your place be reallocated. Thank you very much!
All dates already booked? Please use the waiting list. You will be informed as soon as an appointment becomes available.

In addition, we would like to refer you to further free offers on the subject of "back health" at .