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On your bikes, get set, go!

2017-05-30 | Starting in June, Campus Berlin-Buch will participate for the second time in the cycling challenge competition “Who cycles the most?”

From June 1st to July 31st it is time once again to push the pedals and collect kilometers for Campus Berlin-Buch. Each and every employee of Campus Berlin-Buch – whether from a research institution or a company – can participate. The goal this year is to defend our challenge cup! Last year the Campus entered the competition for the first time and achieved a clear win over the other eight large Berlin institutions.

The campus-wide participation is organized by CampusVital, the campus occupational health management initiative, and Green Campus of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association. The objective of the competition is to promote the health of the employees, to protect the environment, and to demonstrate quality of life while at the same time saving costs. The challenge competition aims to strengthen team spirit and to include people who ride their bicycles a lot as well as those who rarely cycle. For this reason, primarily 3-person teams shall be registered, who shall motivate and support each other and collect kilometers together.

Last year, 233 campus employees cycled 129,950 kilometers in 80 days. Employees from the Berlin public transport company (BVG), the Berlin municipal cleaning company (BSR), the housing association GEWOBAG, the Investionsbank Berlin (IBB), the Berlin water utilities company, from Vivantes and from the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport also participated in the competition.

Reward for the halfway mark  “over the hill”

Anyone who has collected 50 kilometers by June 29th, can pick up a smart phone holder “finn” from CampusVital with a corresponding app for a  desired city and free access to a bike magazine from Bike Citizens. This is provided by the Berlin initiative mehrwert Berlin, which is coordinating the competition.

You can register here:

About the competition "Who cycles the most?"
The Berlin public transport company (BVG) initiated a cycling competition for the first time in 2012 together with the Berlin municipal cleaning company (BSR) and the Berlin water utilities company. The competition "Who cycles the most?" evolved from this and is now organized by mehrwert Berlin. The number of participating institutions in Berlin has increased to nine. The aim is to promote the recreational sport and the environmentally friendly means of transportation by bicycle as well as team spirit. For the competition not only the kilometers from home to work and back can be collected, even trips by bicycle or pedelec in your leisure time, on vacation or distances on the ergometer in the fitness studio can be counted. The only condition is the use of muscle strength; e-bikes are not allowed. The winning institution will receive the challenge cup.