Campus Vital

Come and join us! Participate in our survey about the offers of CampusVital

2017-05-18 | Until May 26, campus employees will be able to give feedback about the offers of CampusVital and formulate their wishes

CampusVital wants to advance the health of the employees of the research and biotech Campus Berlin-Buch. The best way to develop such an offer is to find out more about the experiences and wishes of the employees. After an initial questionnaire in 2014, changes in course offers and conditions in compliance to the ongoing feedback from participants were made. Now, you have once again the opportunity to decide what CampusVital will offer next. It is not just about sports, but also about health management such as diet, stress, addiction and occupational medical care services.
Eileen Bauer, health manager of the campus, points to this opportunity: "We can advance your health in a very diverse and customized way. Take ten minutes to give feedback, what offers you prefer or what you miss."
The survey is available online until May 26: