Campus Vital

CampusVital achieves good results

2019-12-04 | Evaluation of the survey is now available

From October to the beginning of November 2019, an online survey was conducted on CampusVital. Employees of the campus were able to evaluate the sports and health offers and express their wishes for future offers. There were a total of 315 visitors and 224 returns.

With CampusVital, more than 70 percent of respondents combine sports, fitness, exercise and courses, more than 30 percent connect to the workplace and more than 20 percent also the topic of health, prevention and occupational health management. Overall, there is a high level of satisfaction with the existing offer and service. The courses, the training in the gym and the offers of the health days are much used. Sports competitions such as "Who's cycling the most?" are among the favorites.
There is interest in future offers, especially with regard to topics such as stress management / resilience training, relaxation, sleep and nutrition.

Here are the survey results

Results_Survey_CampusVital_2019.pdf (PDF)