Campus Vital

New Offer: Online CampusVitalCard

2020-04-08 | Uncomplicated access to online courses for employees of the Campus

The courses Body Center Xpress, Pilates, Yoga and Back Training have recently been offered via video meeting. So that not only holders of the classic Campus VitalCard can participate, we are now offering a special Online CampusVitalCard. It applies to all online courses, which can be conveniently booked via the booking portal. In addition, Online CampusVitalCard holders can also take part in health days, vaccinations, health seminars and coaching sessions.

"We are pleased that we can give even more employees uncomplicated access to CampusVital in this way. Especially in the current situation, in which so much is restricted in everyday life, it is helpful to relax and continue training,” said Dr. Ulrich Scheller, Managing Director of Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH.

Participation in courses with the Online CampusVitalCard

Read here when the courses take place and how you can participate:

Further information on conditions, prices and the contract can be found here: