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Fitness Studio

The CampusVital fitness studio offers you

Fitness Training


Fitness training is one of the most successful ways to improve physical well-being. With our excellently trained coaches at your side, you will reach your goals in muscle building, weight reduction, correction of muscular imbalances or stress reduction. Your current body parameters will be recorded and used to create an individually tailored training program.
In combination with the group and circle training course, the fitness training can be paid with the Health Ticket.

Endurance Training


Endurance training is a good way to get back in shape. Regular endurance training reduces the risk of heart attack, promotes fat burning, improves blood values and strengthens the immune system. Let our coaches advise you about which type of training is suitable for you.

Group & circle Training

Group & Circle Training

Would you like to increase your fitness and endurance, but don’t want to train alone? Then group training is just the right option for you! Circle training courses or cross-training courses take place every day. Small groups with a maximum of six participants ensure individual supervision.
Can be paid with the Health Ticket!

Personal Training


Personal training is the most effective way to bring body and mind to a new level. Through one-on-one workouts with your personal trainer you can stay on track to achieving your personal goals.
Together with you, your personal trainer will record your detailed medical history in order to create a plan for goal-oriented training. Through the permanent monitoring, the safe and correct execution of exercises is ensured, so that you can concentrate fully on your training.

Open Gym

Employees of the campus can use the gym to train without supervision at any time under the condition that they have a gym membership and have also been briefed by one of the coaches. You can contact staff members at regular consultation hours. The coach will draw up an individual training plan on request (see price list).

To Opening Hours

The gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Gym instructor will be on site on Monday and Wednesday from 4.30 – 6.30 pm.

Consulting Hours Reception:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 am – 14 pm.

+++ Short summer break +++

CampusVital is having a summer break between 02. – 17.08.2018. In this time no class and consulting hours is going to take place in the gym.

The instructors for Back Exercises, Spine Gymnastics, Rehasport, Pilates and Yoga are vacationing at different times. Please refer to our course booking system for these courses. Thank you very much!

We wish you all a moving and wonderful summer!

Your CampusVital Team