Our Culture of Health on Campus Berlin-Buch



CampusVital is a joint initiative to promote the health of the people employed on Campus Berlin-Buch. To this end, the research institutions and companies of Campus Berlin-Buch have set up a joint corporate health management (CHM) system with the support of the health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse. CampusVital contributes to the development of a sustainable health culture by strengthening social cohesion among all employees on campus through sports and exercise.




Thanks to our collaboration with the company GesundheitsTicket GmbH, people who are employed on Campus Berlin-Buch benefit from a company health ticket. This makes it possible for you to use and pay for a variety of health and prevention offers on campus or near where you live. Within the scope of the model project to introduce corporate health management (CHM) on Campus Berlin-Buch, the health ticket is supported both by the health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse and by the participating companies and institutions.


Fitness + Kurse

Fitness & Courses

A prevention and fitness center on Campus Berlin-Buch offers health-oriented fitness training, an attractive spa program, sports rehab and massages. Here you can improve your strength, endurance, coordination and physical fitness or find relaxation.  A professional team of fitness trainers, sports scientists and physiotherapists of the wellness and therapy center DIE WOHLFÜHLER will be glad to assist you.